Excellent color, texture, design awareness. Offers creative solutions within budget objectives. Explores multiple solutions/alternatives and shares knowledge graciously. Patient and not temperamental. Comfortable moving at the pace of the client. An inventive environmentalist who recognizes comfort is often as important as design trends.

– Tom A. (Interior designed NYC apartment)

Marilynn is a fine decorator with particular strengths in spacial relations and the ability to envision a whole room. Of equal importance is her ability to elicit from her clients what they really would like and to truly reflect their wishes. Marilynn hears and listens better than anyone I know.

– Rhea S. (Interior designed NYC apartment several times)

Wonderful person to work with. Love the design, color choices. Marilynn was great at working in some of our previous possessions. A particularly strong cheer for her handling contractors. All our visitors admire the apartment. She’s the best!

– James R. (Interior designed NYC apartment several times, Forest Hills home & made plans for partial church renovation)

Marilynn Lundy listens and works with the clients needs and concerns. I have hired her often and have also recommended her to others.

– Sonja D. (Interior designed NYC apartment & Office)

Since Marilynn’s methods of working are different than other decorators it takes a little while to get used to. She is extremely professional and gets the work done and oversees installation with very little supervision and hassle for the client.

– Esther G. (Oversaw renovation & interior designed NYC apartment, Interior designed Old Westbury home, Interior designed office in department store)

Marilynn has a sophisticated sense of style, and is wonderful to work with. Very highly recommended.

– Anna L. (Interior designed apartment & Office)